SSP/Verite Cinema World Premiere - 'Into the World 2: A Toddler's Tale'

"credit" PJ StarksOWENSBORO, KY (6/30/13) - Into the World introduced us to Connor Starks the day after his birth as told through the eyes of his older brother Logan. We learn what it’s like to be a six year old child and how they welcome a new edition into the family. It’s two years later now and Connor is about to turn two years old. A lot has happened over this course of time. Logan is now eight and takes us on another journey using his unique perspective on growing up with a little brother.

The Sugg Street Post is proud to present the Online World Premiere of Into the World 2: A Toddler’s Tale, the latest film written and directed by Logan Starks. The first film was a personal family project to give Logan a unique way to welcome Connor into the Starks family. Two years after the original film, Logan takes us on another funny, quirky and often heart felt adventure through the eyes of an eight year old trying to be a role model, protector, friend, and brother.

Watch the embedded video below. Thank you for joining us for the Online World Premiere of Into the World 2: A Toddler's Tale.

Sugg Street Post
Information provided by Verite Cinema via P.J. Starks

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