The Gadfly - Literary Magazine Seeks 2014 Submissions

"credit" Jessica DockreyHOPKINS COUNTY, KY (9/24/13) – For over two decades, The Gadfly, Madisonville Community College’s (MCC) literary magazine, has been published annually and is currently accepting submissions for its 2014 issue.

The Gadfly publishes the works of students, faculty, and members of the community. So, even if you are not a student at MCC, you are welcome to present some of your work. Area residents of all ages are welcome to submit original poetry, fiction, essays, photography, and art for consideration.

“Cynthia Anderson, an English teacher that was here during the 1980’s, started The Gadfly back in 1987,” says English Professor Brooke Archila. “In the beginning, the students were kind of driving this, but they kind of lost interest. That is when the faculty took over. Greg Jewell coined the name The Gadfly for the magazine. He chose it because Socrates was the 'gadfly' of Athens, always stirring people up and getting them to think beyond what was ordinary. That’s what we wanted The Gadfly to be–something that made people think outside of the box.”

Reflecting the talent we have here in Hopkins County, The Gadfly boasts an eclectic mix of local literature and art.

“I think we have a lot of talent in the community,” says Brooke. “The Gadfly is a great way to showcase these artists. We want to provide another creative outlet for people to get their voice out and to let their work be seen. So often people have this great poetry or artwork that they do but they have no way to share it with others. So, this is just a great way to promote what we have here in our community.”

This free publication is available every year around town and on campus.

“Literature helps open up your eyes to some of the current situations that you haven’t been aware of, and it’s still relevant, it’s still needed, even if something was written hundreds of years ago," says Brooke.

The spring 2014 submission deadline is February 1st. If you would like to see your work published in The Gadfly, contact Brooke Archila at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Written by Jessica Dockrey
Photo by Jessica Dockrey

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