Community Collage: Light of Chance & Y-Corps Collaborate

"credit" Jessi SmithHOPKINS COUNTY, KY (7/17/13) - Yesterday, July 16th, Light of Chance, Inc. and the Rosenwald-Smith committee partnered with Y-Corps, a component of the YMCA, and worked on a learning-service project to benefit the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center located at 208 N. Kentucky Ave. in Madisonville, KY.

Students from Light of Chance’s "Breathe" arts program joined forces with 25, 10th-12th graders from the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association's Y-Corps program (who come from Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and other areas of the Commonwealth) to clean and paint the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center, a facility that houses Light of Chance’s Madisonville offices and the Breathe Program.

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"It went really well," says Light of Chance founder and director, Eric Logan. "We pulled it together and I think everybody was pleased. The kids did really well and the Y-Corps kids were really personable. Those kids had to raise $500 apiece, do 50 hours of community service, submit a resume, and be selected to participate in the Y-Corps program."

"credit" Jessi SmithThe kids all worked hard together to paint a large hallway in the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center, and to clean-up an overgrown fence outside that had been completely consumed with vines.

"The kids worked on the fence for hours. They did a whole bunch of work. They filled a large dumpster full of vines and it still looks like you could spend two more days on it," laughs Logan. "I think that the Rosenwald-Smith committee will take on the rest of that project. The kids didn’t get to do the trim yesterday either, so the Rosenwald-Smith committee is going to finish up that work as well."

Overall, Logan believes that the project was enjoyed by all involved.

"It was a really cool project," says Logan. "I think that everyone was enriched by the experience. That building has so much history and still has good, solid bones. It just needs a little cosmetic work and some plumbing and electrical updates. For a building of that age, it’s kind of expected."

For more information on Light of Chance, Inc. and Y-Corps, visit the organizations’ respective websites at and

Scroll below to see additional photos taken by Sugg Street Post photographer, Jessi Smith.

"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi Smith"credit" Jessi SmithSugg Street Post
Written by Jessica Dockrey
Photos by Jessi Smith

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