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HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (2/5/13) – Daymar College is well known for its nontraditional take on the college experience. Madisonville, Kentucky’s Daymar campus boasts smaller class sizes, flexible scheduling, and more personal one-on-one attention when it comes to focusing on career training.

It was these aspects, among others, that attracted 39-year-old, former Daymar student, and current admissions coordinator, Connie Pullam, to the Madisonville campus. Connie says that the Daymar philosophy appealed to her from the beginning.

“I actually came to Daymar to enroll my daughter in classes and I’m the one who ended up enrolling,” laughs Connie. “I was like, ‘What happened here?’ Meanwhile, my daughter ended up doing what she thought she wanted to do. Two quarters later, she came back and enrolled as well. She graduated with a degree in Medical Assisting this past January.”

Connie was born and raised in Providence, Kentucky. Two and a half years ago, she moved with her children (Christina 22, Mallie 13, and LaBryan 7) to Madisonville, after deciding to take classes.

 “My kids and I had an agreement,” says Connie. “I told them that if they supported me on this for two years, we’d go back home as soon as I graduated. Now that it’s time to go back home, the kids have decided they’d like to stay in Madisonville. So we are here to stay. Home is now Hopkins County.”

Connie has recently been promoted to the position of Admissions Coordinator. Previously, she had been a federal work study for Daymar College. A federal work study assists the instructors and students with a variety of things and events at the college.

“You work for Daymar and they help cover your expenses for going to school,” explains Connie. “I’m a single mom, so I have to work. It was very convenient. As a single mom, so many people feel as though you can’t do things. They think single parents aren’t going to be able to give their kids what they need, and that’s just not true. Sometimes I feel like that attitude bleeds over to the kids. I am a strong woman and I don’t have to give in to the stigma that society dictates. I just want to try and make a difference in someone else’s life. It's just something I’m supposed to do. That’s about the only thing that I do for me, is get out there and help people. Everything else is about my kids.”

Connie couldn’t be happier with her new promotion.

“Admissions Coordinator is a huge step up,” says Connie. “Shortly after I graduated with a degree in Medical Assisting back in October, I interviewed for this position. I was lucky enough to get it. I started December 17th, 2012.”

“I just really liked their philosophy, their belief, and the value of the education that they bring to the non-traditional student,” says Connie. “My daughter and I could have gone to school anywhere. The choice was ours, but we don’t like big classrooms and we don’t want to sit by people that we may never speak to. We didn’t want to just be a number.”

Class size is just one of the many reasons Connie and her daughter chose to attend college at Daymar. Connie’s enthusiasm is encouraged by the school's dedication to its students.

“I love the atmosphere here,” explains Connie. “Everyone that works here wants to see the students succeed. If you fail at this, it is by your own choice. People have come in here with the most bizarre situations, circumstances that would cause most people to just give up and quit. No matter what, somebody in this building has been able to find a way to resolve the problem so that a student can continue their education here. To me, that says so much about our staff. This school is trying to offer these students help to really improve their lives and have a career instead of a job.”

Connie has high hopes for the future of the Madisonville Daymar campus.

“I hope that we can eventually get into a new facility and bring in a lot more programs,” says Connie. “We’ve recently created an advisory board so that we can see what the need in the community is. I am going to get our enrollment up and bring in the students we need to be able to expand and bring more opportunities to the people in Hopkins County. We have lost so many jobs in this area, and we need to find ways to bring jobs back into this community. I want the Spec building off the parkway,” laughs Connie. “I don’t know if that’s what I’ll get, but that’s what I want.”

Even though Daymar has been in Madisonville a little over two years, a lot of people in the area aren’t even aware that there is a Madisonville campus.

“We still hear that all the time,” says Connie. “I was on a call earlier with a gentleman who was told by a phone operator that there wasn’t a Daymar listed in Madisonville. He had to go online to find us. I want to really get out into the community, get involved, and let people know we are here. Daymar is a different take on college. We are very nontraditional. This is a career college. When you leave here, you are prepped and ready to start your job. If our CJ [criminal justice] students choose to be hired on at the MPD [Madisonville Police Department], they save that facility $2,300 worth of training and certification. They already have that training and certification from Daymar when they graduate. Things like that make a big difference to our community. Students leave here with the education, skills, and training that they will need in the real world. Every one of our students goes through a 90-hour internship right before they graduate. When you graduate, you are ready.”

Daymar College offers degrees in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, and Medical Assisting. The college offers two separate tracks under their Medical Assisting program. You can specialize in either the administrative or clinical track.

“A graduate of the administrative track would be considered more of an office worker. Tasks that fall into that job category would include handling insurance, filing paper work, and setting up appointments,” explains Connie. “Clinical tasks would include taking patients back for their appointments, preparing them to see the doctor, assisting the doctor with medical procedures, and follow-up calls on lab work. We’ve had great success with our medical program.”

As far as Connie is concerned, it is all about believing in yourself and going after what you want in life. She believes that if you emit positivity, positive things will come your way.

“It’s all about believing in what you want to do. If you believe in it, anything is possible,” says Connie. “We offer a program out here called ‘Strategies for Success,’ and it’s amazing. If you think positive, then you can expect a positive outcome. You choose how your day goes. If somebody comes in and does something that wrecks a moment in time, it’s your perspective and outlook that decides how the rest of your day will go. The way you think influences so much of your life. The staff here at Daymar influences my life in a positive way. We are like a big family here. The moment I stepped foot inside this building, I knew this was where I needed to be.”

If you are interested in learning more about Daymar College you may contact Connie Pullam at (270) 643-0312.
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Written by Jessica Dockrey

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