Students Show Pride, Cover Entire Commonwealth in One Day

MADISONVILLE, KY (9/19/13)—In honor of Kentucky Kids Day, which takes place on Tuesday, September 24th, the entire student body at Madisonville, KY’s Pride Elementary School, as well as faculty members, went from one side of Kentucky to the other in less than an hour earlier this week.

Okay, okay, it might not have been the literal, physical commonwealth that the students traversed, but the occasion was quite epic nonetheless.

As Pride PTA member Amie Knight and PTA President Brooke Dunn told the Sugg Street Post, the “Kentucky” in question was actually a 158 foot long and 40 foot wide silhouette of the good ol’ 15th US state that students helped to construct on grass adjacent to the school using skills learned in the classroom.

“The students used math to map out a grid system in the shape of the state,” said Dunn.

In total, Dunn and Knight explained that there were a total of approximately 430 students and 40 staff members from Pride Elementary standing within the outline.

Adding another level of awe to the unique celebration was the challenge of capturing an “aerial” shot of the entire group. How was the task completed, you ask? Thanks to one of Madisonville Fire Department’s ladder trucks, several brave souls, including Rhonda Gordon (who snapped the included photo), climbed high above the school’s campus and captured the singular scene in its entirety.

“The kids had a really great time participating in the event,” said Dunn, “and we thank the Madisonville Fire Department for all their help.”

See, who says learning can’t be fun?


To learn more about the Kentucky PTA’s statewide Kids Day celebration, click here.

To learn more about Pride Elementary School, as well as the entire Hopkins County School District, click here.

Sugg Street Post
Written by Luke Short
Photo taken by Rhonda Gordon

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