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"PJ Woodside"HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (7/30/13) - "This Old 'Witch' Makes Horror Flicks" is a completely uncensored look at independent horror film making. PJ Woodside is one of the masterminds behind Big Biting Pig Productions, an internationally recognized, but locally-based independent movie company that films entirely in Hopkins County, KY. For a sneak peak behind the scenes, read on. (Note: some content may not be suitable for a younger audience)

I’ve been looking around at potential film festivals for Lucid, as some of you know. This takes time, as I not only must find the festivals and make sure we meet all the criteria, but in order to make the process effective, I need to be selective. Lucid will not do well at artsy festivals or music-centered festivals for example. It will fare better at horror/thriller fests, and even better at ones that stress strong writing. A few non-genre festivals have “dark”categories, which is a great option for Lucid.

One type of film festival I should fit into well is the type that promotes women in film. I’m a woman. I write, direct and even edit these movies. My central characters are women — real women, and not model-thin 20 year old cheerleaders. My villains are women. Female writer/directors are much scarcer than they should be, and any festival that promotes them is a good one.

After searching through the winners of several of these festivals, however, it turns out I’m not a good fit. You see, I don’t write about extraordinary women doing brave things in a sexist culture, which is what many of those film festivals strive to reward. I write about ordinary people who happen to be women as the central characters of interesting and dark and sometimes twisted stories. Human beings. Being human. With vaginas.

Don’t misunderstand me — I LIKE stories about the underdog, about challenging the system, about redefining yourself in the face of terrible obstacles. But women — ordinary women — still represent HALF the population. And all their stories collectively should be getting a lot more screen time. There should be a lot more of them at film festivals (to give festivals credit, the ratio is better there than in the cinemaplex). We should see them on purpose and not give them belittling labels like chick flicks or rom coms just because the central characters are women.

These are the people I write about: Widows, pregnant wives, girlfriends. Women who like sex, women who have scars, women who hurt other people, women who know things they shouldn’t, women who work and drive cars and sleep. Just like men.

I write about women whose stories should be told NOT because they are women, but because they are human. Women in movies should be more than peripheral, assistant, wifey sorts of characters in a percentage that at least reflects the real world.

It’s never been a worse time for female actors. Do your part. Go see some real women. In the movies.

Lucid is now on DVD and can be found at

PJ Woodside is the writer and director of Lucid, which features Bill Johnson and will be released in 2013. She is co-producer of Spirit Stalkers and six other movies with Steve Hudgins of Big Biting Pig Productions, and owner of PJ’s Productions. More from PJ's official blog can be found here.

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