Member/User Benefits

Member/User Benefits

The latest version of the Sugg Street Post site allows fans and readers from anywhere in the world to create their own personalized user profiles for free.

Why should I sign up for and create an SSP member/user account?
Once you’re a registered SSP user, you’ll have access to a variety of interactive and member-exclusive options.

  • Registered users have the ability—and responsibility—to post useful and relevant commentary on the vast majority of our website’s articles, event listings, dining guide items, and volunteer/non-profit listings. Additionally, registered users have the option of both subscribing to and managing specific commentary feeds associated with articles and categories. COMMENTATORS BE FOREWARNED: If you choose to post excessive profanity, racist or similar commentary that may otherwise be deemed as hurtful, spam, threatening and/or malicious language, or any other information that could be construed as distasteful, your account will be flagged, deleted, and permanently blocked from our site. Speak your mind, but remain civil.

  • Want to submit and share your own stories and photos on the Sugg Street Post? Registered users have this ability right at their fingertips. While story/content uploads by users require review by our writers and chief editor before being published publicly, this unique feature serves as both your personal writing archive and your direct link to the SSP staff. In some instances, user submissions may also be chosen for publication in a relevant category page/blog section. In these instances, the user will be contacted for permission before their work is used publicly. CONTRIBUTORS BE FOREWARNED: If you choose to submit content that is excessively profane, malicious, racist, threatening, hurtful, or otherwise distasteful, you will be contacted and asked to refrain from such actions. If you continue to submit inappropriate content, your account will be flagged, deleted, and permanently blocked for our site. Upload responsibly. 

  • Do you own or enjoy a local eatery? Are you a part of an area non-profit or volunteer-based organization? If so, please take a minute to peruse our “Dining Guide” and “Volunteer/Non-Profit” sections. If your company and/or organization isn’t listed, please register for a user account and submit your information and logo (300 X 300 pixels). After a brief review period, the SSP team will add your details to the appropriate area. This option is available to all registered users, regardless of restaurant or non-profit affiliation. 

How do I sign up for an account?
Registering to become a member and/or user with the Sugg Street Post is safe, quick, easy, and free – all you have to do is submit your email address and create a unique password and username. Click here to get started.

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