Endemika Records Releases Compilation EP

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (2/4/13) – Chile’s indie music scene continues to be reinvigorated by Endemika Records, a label established in 2012 by former Madisonville resident, Harvey “Tatsu” Jones, and his partner, Juan Necochea.

“Juan and I started Endemika Records so that we could create an online platform and management model for our band, Picnic Kibun, and other musicians,” explains Tatsu. “Currently we are working with four artists. Our mission is to present Latin American Indie music to an international audience.”

In an attempt to reach a broader audience, Endemika Records has put together a compilation EP showcasing their signed talent.

“We put together this EP as a way of marking our first steps as a label,” says Tatsu. “It highlights what we have done in the past few months and guides us forward.”

Tatsu tells the Sugg Street Post that their featured artists are quite an eclectic group of musicians.

“Our artists’ styles are varied,” says Tatsu. “The sound of the label ranges from experimental electro rock to dream wave, but at the moment they all fall under the general category of ‘pop.’ When I say pop, I mean music where the vocals are the loudest part of the mix. It doesn’t necessarily refer to artists like Madonna or the Backstreet Boys. We are also very interested in electronic dance music (EDM), with especial regards to sounds influenced by Latin American culture.”

When asked how these groups came to be signed, Tatsu simply tells the Sugg Street Post that, “We don’t sign anybody that we wouldn’t listen to ourselves.”

“We like to think we are very selective when it comes to signing our artists,” assures Tatsu. “Apart from myself, all the artists on the label are Chilean. On a side note, most of the cover art that has been made for our releases has been created by US/Chilean artist, Jonathan Marsh [aka B3PO].”

Artists included in Endemika Records’ compilation EP are as follows:

> ZEBRA – dream wave 

>Miss Garrison – experimental electronic rock

>Picnic Kibun – electro pop/rave rap

“ZEBRA makes really catchy tracks that just send you back to a nostalgic dream that you didn’t even know you had,” shares Tatsu. “Miss Garrison is a trio, and they have an incredible female drummer named Francisca Straube. She really gets people talking. Picnic Kibun is the band I am a part of, and our sound is very diverse. You can listen to our debut album, Fiebre Tagada, on Soundcloud.”

“We are also currently working with Andean electro pop project, Lainus. We haven’t released anything from Lainus just yet, but Alfredo Ibarra, the man behind the project, will be impressing everyone in a few months.”

Endemika Records is currently preparing new releases for every artist on their label, each of which will be available to the public in March 2013.

“All I want to say is to stay tuned. I think you all will enjoy what is coming,” says Tatsu. “I tend to be a busy body, and just like most human beings, I need to create things in order to feel fulfilled or happy. Endemika is the largest artistic project I have ever undertaken, and it is by far the most challenging and rewarding.”

“I always say that any artistic project requires 33.3 percent of energy devoted to making the art and the rest is dedicated to product management. Most artists despise this latter part, or are simply unaware that it has to be done for the project to be successful,” says Tatsu. “Luckily, I enjoy making art and managing it. I like what I’m doing.”

Most of the tracks on the EP can be downloaded for free on the Endemika Records website.

For updates on Endemika Records you can follow them on their Facebook page.

If you would like to contact Endemike Records for more information, you can email Tatsu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Sugg Street Post
Written by Jessica Dockrey

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