Falter to Play Alongside Bam Margera, Debut Album Underway

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (4/8/13) – If you're from Hopkins County, KY then you are probably familiar with local musical powerhouse, Falter.

Falter, which is comprised of founding members and area natives Brad Wilson (vocals), Kevin Offutt (guitar), Adam O’Rear (bass/vocals), John “Yanni” Pierce (lead guitar/vocals), and Bryan Thomas (drums), has garnered international attention with the release of their progressive debut EP, Grey Theory, which will soon be no longer available for purchase.

Grey Theory is about to become a limited edition due to the fact that Falter is presently finalizing and approving recordings on their new, upcoming debut album. The second that album drops, Grey Theory EP sales will cease.

“While we can’t release full details of the new album, we can tell you that it will feature the six songs from Grey Theory, in addition to six new tracks that have never been previously released,” explains Offutt. “A few of the unreleased songs have been played during recent live shows, but a few have been kept private in anticipation of the release.”

The album release date has not yet been set, but the Sugg Street Post will be sure to announce that information as it is received.

Offutt tells the Sugg Street Post that Falter has been working hard to raise the bar on their advancement in the music industry. They have been playing shows all across the surrounding areas and, during that time, have been keeping their home-based fans updated on their journey via Facebook. Not only does Falter give it up for Hopkins County at every show, but they continue to make time, while on the road, to play locally every six-to-eight weeks to entertain fans that have been with them since the beginning.

“We haven’t been able to get back to Madisonville to perform in recent months due to scheduling differences,” says Offutt. “We have been building our live show for touring in Tennessee and Ohio, as well as advancing our business and merchandise in preparation for what’s to come. Meanwhile, we’ve been performing several shows at Double Dukes in nearby Henderson, KY. There are great people there, it's an amazing venue to see live music, and it’s close to the Madisonville area.”

Falter is currently en-route to Knoxville, TN with their Grammy-nominated producer, Travis Wyrick, to get back to work on their debut album. In turn, the Sugg Street Post was curious to know how the new album would be different, or similar, to previous Falter releases.

“As this will be our debut, full-length album - to answer you adequately - it will be both different, yet similar, for Falter fans,” explains Offutt. “We feel that we have a unique sound as rock artists, yet we are progressive enough that we have room for change while still pleasing the ear and expectations of the fans. The album will have more of an aggressive and edgy rock feel, but will still represent what Falter is.”

That being said, Falter has been booking shows like crazy for 2013 and there are some very noteworthy shows coming up in the very near future.

“We have a show coming up on April 14 at The Warehouse in Clarksville, TN with Bam Margera from the hit MTV shows Jackass, Viva La Bam, and Wildboyz.” says Offutt.

This show is expected to sell out quickly and Falter is currently selling discounted tickets in-person for $20 apiece. Tickets, if not purchased in advance, will be $25 the night of the show.

“The Warehouse is a great live venue for up-and-coming original artists, and we have built a great relationship with them and their booking department,” says Offutt. “We have done rather well with bringing out the fans when we play shows there and - in talking with their booking agents as well as Bam’s - the dates lined up in our favor and we were able to work out being able to play at the show.”

There is another upcoming show that Falter is proud to be a part of as well. “Thumb’s Up for What’s Wright” will be held at the Tin Roof in Nashville on May 15, 2013.

 “The show is a benefit for the Lane Goodwin & Payton Wright Foundation,” says Offutt. “Some of the acts include David Nail, Kristen Kelly, Randy Montana, Falter, Lee Miller, and Brasher Bogue. There are other special guests that will be announced closer to show time.”

Not only that, but Falter is also excited to announce that they will be in Nashville on April 13 after returning from the studio to attend this year’s Music City Mayhem Awards. Falter has been nominated for Nashville’s Adopted Band of the Year once again and they are hoping to bring the title home to Hopkins County for the second year in a row.

While on the road performing, the guys have learned much about themselves and the direction Falter is headed in

“We have learned that not only is it a dream to be able to take your passion and physically live it, that the dream has, in fact, become reality. Actually, it’s still kind of sinking in with us all, that we are really able do this at the level we are,” says Offutt. “Our passion for our music is easily seen in our performances and, when looking for confirmation, we see it at every show. With each show there are more fans and more people singing words that were written from the heart. There are tears, screams, and clapping. We truly are building relationships with a mass of people who have the greatest hearts, kind words, and stories. Being on the road has taught us about ourselves and our drive for success; but what is equally as important is that it has taught us that we are building more than simply a fan base. In truth, we are building a family of followers we have named FalterNation. Our direction is positive and looks very promising. We couldn’t be any more excited.”

To keep current with Falter, follow them on Facebook and ReverbNation for continuous updates. They will be touring with their friends in Aritfas later this summer, as well as lining up shows in North Carolina with Anything Once.

“If possible, we plan to still make it to our home base here in Hopkins County every few months to play for you guys,” says Offutt. “Look for further details via social media as we plan to release the name and release date of our debut, full-length album soon in preparation for summer touring. We cannot thank everyone enough for the support that they have shown us. It truly has kept us pushing at times most would lay down.”

Want to check out the latest from Falter? Want to purchase their latest album before it’s too late? You can do so and more via the following list of official, online Falter websites:









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Written by Jessica Dockrey

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