2013 Supermoon to Brighten Weekend Sky

NASAHOPKINS COUNTY, KY (6/21/13) - This weekend, be prepared to be dazzled by the largest full moon of 2013. This celestial phenomenon is referred to as a “supermoon” and it will be closest to our earth this Sunday, June 23, at 7am.

There is a specific point in the moon’s orbit where it becomes aligned with planet Earth and our galaxy’s sun. This precise configuration is called the lunar perigee. The moon hits this alignment once each month, sometimes twice. However, this Sunday the moon’s elliptical orbit will bring it the closest it will be to our earth all year. That distance measures 221,824 miles.

Because the moon will be so near to our planet, it will appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual. The moon will not be this close to us again until August 2014.

Make sure to catch a glimpse of this extraterrestrial occurrence this weekend and learn more by watching the educational Space.com video below about the 2012 supermoon. Click this link to view a live webcast for the 2013 supermoon, which will be embedded on Sunday, June 23.

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Written by Jessica Dockrey

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