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Harper Guitars produces high quality, handmade instruments with emphasis on customization.

It wasn't too long ago that I set off with good intentions, bought a blueprint of my favorite guitar and started to build. Building guitars opened up a whole new world, full of hurdles, frustrations but most importantly gratification! Although my first guitar wasn’t the prettiest, sound came from it and it was good! Then I was really hooked! I thought, maybe, with the help of my engineering and design knowledge, I could create something unique. Eight guitars and lots of hard earned money later I decided that I needed to stop making guitars for myself and produce works of art for other people. At this point I took what I had learned, things I liked about previous guitars and implemented them into a signature design. At this point the guitar production is still under 100 and I have sold a limited amount of guitars to wonderful musicians that I consider my friends. Alonzo Pennington (amazing guitarist and songwriter from Princeton, KY), Bryan Fox (Long time college friend, amazing guitarist, songwriter and proud owner of two Harper’s), Guy Holloway (Louisville, KY) and Kevin McCreery (guitarist from Louisville, KY previously of Big Rock Show, Tantric and currently on tour with Uncle Kracker).

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